“Bind them… fix them,” Deuteronomy 6:8’s call to a veneration of the actual written word of God was consistent with other common religious practices in the ancient near east. Moreover, the pious act was voluntary. By contrast, the mark of the beast is a mandatory, state-decreed identifier. Both emblems are concrete, with real-world implications. Likewise, evangelical …

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Hostility to the Gospel comes in two forms. Here’s how to handle both. When you preach to an unconverted congregation, you’re likely to get one of two responses: anger or incomprehension. This is because while the Word of God is inherently attractive — the creature is never so far gone that his Creator loses contact …

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EFAC-USA: TEC initiative or ACNA pod?

A reader writes regarding “‘Small but significant,’ Dallas Conference Advances EFAC-USA Goals” (Bulletin No. 1, November 7, 2021), There is some sociological evidence that suggests that leadership of any organization needs to decide what tribe they belong to. This does not prevent other tribes from participation, but split leadership will create a culture of confusion. EFAC …

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