Easter — Now What?

Easter is the culmination, not just of Holy Week, but really of all the seasons since Advent. Now Easter has finally arrived. But what’s next? The next two days are “Easter Monday” and “Easter Tuesday.” These have fallen out of memory for many, and the intense run of Holy Week services might make it hard

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If Anglicanism is Everything, It’s Nothing

When I say “Anglican,” what do you hear? Do you hear via media? Do you hear Protestant? Catholic? Evangelical or Anglo-Catholic?  The temptation throughout Anglican history has been to become confused about our identity. Various groups have reduced Anglicanism to various assertions, for instance, the Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral or the Tracts for the Times.  But, despite

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McIlvaine on Revivals

Charles McIlvaine was born in 1799. He was an Evangelical Episcopalian who was ordained in 1820, and served as Bishop of Ohio from 1832-1873. His ministry and episcopacy overlapped with the Second Great Awakening (~1795—~1835). In fact, he himself oversaw an awakening/revival among the cadets during his time as chaplain at West Point (1825-1827). In

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