Gospel worship

Cranmer’s prayer calls the eucharist “our sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving.” That’s gospel worship in a nutshell. It is not for the Church to perpetuate a priestly tribe in her ordained ministers, neither is she to ape a pagan cultus in her rites. As a kingdom of priests the Church offers praise, praise to the One who …

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Fostering Fellowship

From white paper “to do” list out of order, let’s look at #3, Foster fellowship and cooperation among evangelicals in all Anglican jurisdictions. Isolation is not good for a vocation. Even “the voice crying in the wilderness” had his disciples (Luke 11:1, John 1:35). EFAC-USA exists to end that isolation for Evangelical Anglicans. Recently, we …

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Promoting Gospel Worship

Taking our white paper “to do” list out of order, we begin with #4, Gospel Worship. In 1961, Evangelical Anglican, J.I. Packer wrote: “Historic Anglicanism is not just a style of worship; it is also, and fundamentally, a confessional stance.” At the time historic (or what we would call Evangelical) Anglicanism was dormant. Tractarianism and …

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