EFAC-USA: TEC initiative or ACNA pod?

A reader writes regarding “‘Small but significant,’ Dallas Conference Advances EFAC-USA Goals” (Bulletin No. 1, November 7, 2021),

There is some sociological evidence that suggests that leadership of any organization needs to decide what tribe they belong to. This does not prevent other tribes from participation, but split leadership will create a culture of confusion. EFAC needs to be either a TEC initiative or in the ACNA pod.

Zac Neubauer, EFAC-USA president, responds:

EFAC-USA is trying to do something that no one else (as far as I know) is trying to do within the North American Anglican tradition, and it can be an uncomfortable place to be. With that being said, part of our mandate as a chapter of EFAC-Global is to be an organization that is for all Evangelical Anglicans in the U.S., no matter what jurisdiction they find themselves in. This is also true in EFAC chapters in England, for example, where the Church of England works together with the Free Church of England.

Both sides of the divide need EFAC-USA, albeit for slightly different reasons.

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