Fostering Fellowship

From white paper “to do” list out of order, let’s look at #3, Foster fellowship and cooperation among evangelicals in all Anglican jurisdictions.

Isolation is not good for a vocation. Even “the voice crying in the wilderness” had his disciples (Luke 11:1, John 1:35). EFAC-USA exists to end that isolation for Evangelical Anglicans. Recently, we stood by one of our own when his biblical witness was challenged by some in his parish. We found that prayer and fellowship are not bound by jurisdictions and sees.

Speaking of which, we’re hearing that fitting the right preacher to the right church is starting to take precedence over ideological purity. Praise God! We can work with that. You’ll see that from our open positions listing below. They are a mix of TEC, REC, and ACNA.

Does your Diocese have a new bishop or is it about to begin a search? Let us know. Let’s work together on an approach. Do you know of a church where the right minister is available but has the “wrong” orders? Let’s see what some EFAC advocacy can do. The way we read the canons, there are no insurmountable obstacles here. Once we have a few successful case studies, then we can think about codifying something that’s been proven to work.

In the meantime, let’s work to end our isolation. We can think of no better way than to register now for our June conference in Nashville. You can still claim the early bird special if you register by March 31st.

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