You’ve had the chance to get to know where the EFAC-USA Bulletin is coming from. (Have a look at the 39+ blog for a refresher.) Now, we want to spend some time discussing how we can make things happen.

Download our white paper for a full discussion of what we’re thinking, but here they are in a list.

  1. Train and deploy biblical preachers for all Anglican jurisdictions
  2. Regain confidence in, and promote, evangelical theology
  3. Foster fellowship and cooperation among evangelicals in all Anglican jurisdictions
  4. Teach evangelism as a biblical priority
  5. Promote gospel worship

As you can see, this is nothing more than a vision for the whole Church of God. For number 3, we’re keen to explore ways members of the clergy can easily accept calls in different jurisdictions, without losing their orders. For number 5, we’re eager to find ways to get the 1662 IE authorized for public worship throughout the Communion.

Join us every two weeks as we develop these ideas. Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of this issue

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