“The Lord is our God, the Lord alone” (Deuteronomy 6:4) is the fundamental assertion of monotheism and of all that stems from the unity of faith and life it requires.

For monotheists there can be no neutral ground. Even God’s enemies stand on ground that is owned by Him and that He will come one day to reclaim. This is why maranatha, in addition to being a favored acclamation in evangelical worship, is a protest against (and a warning to) those who try to stay neutral.

When Messiah returns, God will assert the knowledge of His unity and the oneness of life in Him so that no one can deny it. At the Name of Jesus every knee shall bow. The only question is how: in adoration, or as the captives He leads into captivity?

It is because God is not neutral that there can be no “spiritualizing” of our knowledge of (or our relationship to) Him and His creation. He requires the whole person, not just the outward forms, not just the sequestered sacred spaces.

There is no DMZ, there is no “safe space” between God and the prince of this world. Satan is a pretender, a fraud, and a fake. We must give him no respite, no quarter, no neutral pillow for him to lay his head.

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