Executive Summary

As an Anglican Evangelical, you probably can’t say quite where you belong these days. J. I. Packer, J. C. Ryle, and John Stott are your heroes, but you can’t be best friends with your book collection. You probably steer clear of American evangelicalism. You’re broad in your churchmanship and classically reformed in your theology. Scripture, cross, regeneration, and sanctification. Law, gospel, and grace. In recent decades (if you’ve been around that long) you’ve had to make common cause with the Evangelical Anglican’s old nemesis, the Anglo-Catholic. He turned out to be quite nice, and besides, this was necessary in the fight to ward off revisionist challenges to the gospel.

But it’s also likely that you have not yet found your own.

The US chapter of the Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion (EFAC-USA) exists to change that. If you’re reading this, then you’ve found a place to call your own. You’ve found a place to stand.

In this white paper you will learn more about EFAC-USA.

  • You will learn about the three things that the Evangelical Anglican needs to come to terms with at this moment in our history.
  • You will learn about the five things that the Evangelical Anglican must do to respond to this moment.
  • Finally, you will learn how to partner with EFAC-USA, so that your response can be effective, by joining with others who have come from the same place you have, and who want to move forward into the kingdom together.

Download the white paper here to read more.

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