Fostering Fellowship

From white paper “to do” list out of order, let’s look at #3, Foster fellowship and cooperation among evangelicals in all Anglican jurisdictions. Isolation is not good for a vocation. Even “the voice crying in the wilderness” had his disciples (Luke 11:1, John 1:35). EFAC-USA exists to end that isolation for Evangelical Anglicans. Recently, we …

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Promoting Gospel Worship

Taking our white paper “to do” list out of order, we begin with #4, Gospel Worship. In 1961, Evangelical Anglican, J.I. Packer wrote: “Historic Anglicanism is not just a style of worship; it is also, and fundamentally, a confessional stance.” At the time historic (or what we would call Evangelical) Anglicanism was dormant. Tractarianism and …

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You’ve had the chance to get to know where the EFAC-USA Bulletin is coming from. (Have a look at the 39+ blog for a refresher.) Now, we want to spend some time discussing how we can make things happen. Download our white paper for a full discussion of what we’re thinking, but here they are …

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Worship can never replace reality. It can foreshadow or represent it, but it is not itself the reality it represents. Why is this an important distinction to keep in mind? Because Roman and Eastern approaches to worship, where this distinction sometimes seems to blur, may result in a too sharp a divide between the spiritual and …

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The finality of Christ’s atonement undermines the claims of any other mediator, be it temple, priesthood, and even church. Other mediators leave people conscious stricken. Christ leaves our consciences clean. So, why are the consciences of many Christians still guilt-ridden? First, because some may not yet be regenerated. Their religion is akin to “having a form of godliness but denying …

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